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M-Pets Grooming De-Matting Comb

  • R 110.00


M-Pets Grooming De-Matting Comb is suitable for long coats and is designed to remove matting with minimal loss of coat length. The blades are specially shaped for effective cutting and feature small teeth which collect loose hair.



>This comb helps remove knots and tangles and tackles problems such as matting

>Ergonomic hand grip

>Blades are specially shaped for effective cutting

>Suitable for long coats

>For cats and dogs


Delivery takes 2 - 3 working days.



Some say that water tightens the mat, making it challenging to handle, and some say a clean and conditioned skin is more comfortable to handle as the hair will be softer and will come apart easier.  It is best to test which one works for you.

  • Treat the mat with detangling spray, allow the product to sit for 20 minutes or follow instructions on the product. The spray penetrates the mat to soften it, which makes it easier to work with. Cornstarch (Mazena) will also lubricate the carpet.

  • Try working on the mat with your fingers by pulling and easing the hair apart from a little at a time.  This will take some time but keep at it.

  • If you can’t break the mat after working on it, use the De-matting comb.

  • Hold the hair below the mat; this helps to ease the tugging and pulling motions causing discomfort for your pet.

  • Place the comb near the ends of the mat and use a picking motion to untangle. Do not pull the comb through the hair, move the teeth in and out of the mat, so the comb cuts through the knotted hair.

  • Gradually work your way down toward the bottom of the mat.

  • Please avoid the skin at all times. The blades of the De-matting tool are sharp and will cause injury.


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